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mber is one of the few natural resources, which humans found as early as in primeval ages. Only amber deserves a special place among them. Flint, obsidian, jasper, jade and other gems were used only for producing weapons, hunting and working tools. Humans would not have been able to survive without them. Amber lying on the wet sand of the seashore must have attracted a primitive’s attention by its transparency, colour, or warm inner ray, which reminds of sunshine and fire. A primitive must have been impressed by the place of origin of amber – sea, by its mysterious feature – it flames emitting pleasant odour, as well as the fact that it is always warm when one holds it. Amber has been always an object of creating legends. It is being assigned magic characteristics of healing and protecting from evil. It has always been applied in producing jewellery, amulets, and ritual articles, firstly associated with the sun cult, because it is easy to work with using primitive tools: for shaping, polishing, burnishing or even drilling. Most of the oldest amber articles are a real piece of art, which demonstrate a high level of material culture and attitude of the people who used to use it.

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